4th September 2017 Current Affairs Quiz Questions And Answers

4th September 2017 Current Affairs Quiz Questions And Answers

Good Day !!! Are you looking for the Current Affair Quiz? if yes, then take the 4th September 2017 Current Affairs Quiz from this article. We are giving the Current Affairs Quiz to help the aspirants who are aiming to crack the National Entrance Exams and Recruitment Tests. As we all know many institutions and organizations are checking the capability of aspirants in Current Affairs. For this many people are searching every day to know the Daily Current Affairs Quiz. Here in this article also we are giving out the questions and answers for the Current Affairs Quiz which we are uploading for 4th September 2017. If you are interested and want to know about the quiz then check this post further.

Today we are including topics of current happenings. Aspirants who are about to take the Current Affairs quiz will find the questions on International Affairs, presidential election, World Heritage Inscriptions sites, Hurricane, Rajaswa Gyan Sangam, Certifications, Ryzen Pro processors, Launches, disposal crisis, Eco-Park, State Government Affairs, Public Grievance Redressal System, Rajya Sabha, Central Ministry, BRICS Summit-2017, Hindustan Copper,  inauguration, Gene Therapy,  Sports Ministry, Logo, self-driving cars and much more. Now take a quiz and guess the answer. If your answer is wrong do not worry because here in this page we have also given the correct answers along with the questions.

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Daily Current Affairs Quiz

1. President Trump has announced his intent to nominate _________ as the US ambassador to India.

A. Nikki Haley
B. Kenneth I Juster
C. Linda McMahon
D. Scott Pruitt

2. On September 1, 2017 Supreme Court of which country nullified the result of the presidential election after it found “irregularities & illegalities” committed by country’s electoral board?

A. Venezuela
B. Philippines
C. Myanmar
D. Kenya

3. How many World Heritage Inscriptions sites does India have after addition of the walled city of Ahmedabad?

A. 36
B. 37
C. 35
D. 39

4. Louisiana, the US Gulf Coast has been hitted by which Hurricane?

A. Dolly
B. Norman
C. Harvey
D. Isabel

5. Rajaswa Gyan Sangam, 2017 was held in

A. Jaipur
B. Mumbai
C. New Delhi
D. Hyderabad

6. Which certificate did the Ahmedabad got recently?

A. World Heritage City certificate
B. National Qualifications Framework
C. Lisbon Recognition Convention
D. European Portfolio Certificate

7. Which group launched Ryzen Pro processors for Business Personal Computer?

B. Amazon
C. Testla
D. Google

8. Which country has recently banned plastic bags and other disposable products after one of the country’s biggest dump collapsed in April leading to a disposal crisis?

A. Malaysia
B. Sri Lanka
C. Myanmar
D. Bhutan

9. ______________government to set up Eco-Park in Rajouri district

A. Assam
B. Jammu & Kashmir
D. Maharashtra

10. _______CM Parrrikar launches online Public Grievance Redressal System

A. Kerala
B. Andhra Pradesh
C. Goa

11. Nirmala Sitharaman, who has become the new Defence Minister of India, is currently a representative of which state in Rajya Sabha?

A. Karnataka
B. Kerala
C. Tamil Nadu
D. Maharashtra

12. Which city is hosting the 9th edition of BRICS summit-2017?

A. Tianjin
B. Xiamen
C. Chongqing
D. Beijing

13. Who is appointed as the Chairman and MD of Hindustan Copper?

A. Mukund Desai
B. Mrigank Khanna
C. Santosh Sharma
D. Rahul Kapoor

14. Who will inaugurate annual conference Rajaswa Gyan Sangam 2017 in New Delhi?

A. Narendra Modi
B. Urjit Patel
C. Justice RM Lodha
D. Pranab Mukherjee

15. Name the Union Minister who has announces that 13 new railway bridges to be built in Pune district.

A. Ramvilas Paswan
B. Nitin Jairam Gadkari
C. Shri Kalraj Mishra
D. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi
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16. Which country has approved the first Gene Therapy in the nation?

A. China
C. Russia
D. Japan

17. Which Union Minister launched a scheme providing physical aids and assisted-living devices to senior citizens belonging to the BPL category in Gujarat?

A. Narendra Singh Tomar
B. Thaawarchand Gehlot
C. Prakash Javadekar
D. Harsh Vardhan

18. The Sports Ministry has approved the constitution of an Empowered Steering Committee (ESC) that will shape and influence India’s preparation for multi- disciplinary events. The committee will include how many members?

A. 13
B. 15
C. 11
D. 6

19. Which one has recently changes its Logo for the first time?

A. Youtube
B. Walmart
C. Instagram
D. Twitter

20. Recently which company has gains permit to test self-driving cars in California?

A. Google
B. Micromax
C. Samsung

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