Current Affairs 7th November 2017 Quiz Questions And Answers

Current Affairs 7th November 2017 Quiz Questions And Answers

Another Quiz is Added into Daily Current Affairs Quiz Collection. All the people who are waiting for the Current Affairs 7th November 2017 Quiz Questions And Answers can check them from this article and proceed to take the test through which they can increase their knowledge and Command over the Current Affairs. These days as most of the organizations or the institutions are hiring the eligible candidates by testing their Current Affairs Knowledge because of which many of the people are now trying to concentrate on Current Affairs more by practicing daily. If you are one such aspirant, then you made your halt in the Correct place. Check this article until the end and find the Last questions on the Topics of the Current Happenings.

We are going to give a view of the topics that our team has collected for the Current Affairs 7th November 2017 Quiz Questions And Answers. social security agreement, World Bank, BeiDou-3 navigation, Three-day mega food fair, theme, World Tsunami Awareness Day 2017, International Affairs, multi-radio telescope project, Aadhaar-based biometric attendance, Indian Railways, Panasonic Open (India) Golf tournament, curb drug menace, National Affairs, world’s highest bridge, launches,  Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies Open, Paradise Papers,  host, World Youth Forum, Ambassador and much more. And if you want to practice the Previous Quiz then you can check the Daily Current Affairs November 2017 along with the October 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

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1. The Indian government on November 6, 2017 is in talks with which country for social security agreement?

A. Thailand
B. South Africa
C. Russia
D. Brazil

2.  According to World Bank, India will be high middle income economy by___________.

A. 2048
B. 2049
C. 2042
D. 2047

3. Which country launches two BeiDou-3 navigation satellites recently?

A. China
B. Pakistan
C. India
D. Japan

4. How many billion dollars are invested on Three-day mega food fair?

A. 10 billion dollars
B. 15 billion dollars
C. 38 billion dollars
D. 19 billion dollars

5. What is the theme of World Tsunami Awareness Day 2017?

A. Effective Education and Evacuation Drills
B. It’s in your hands, take action
C. Reduce the Number of Affected People
D. Act to Protect and Assist Affected People

6. A large multi radio telescope project is going to be built in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. What is it called?


7. The Indian Railways will install Aadhaar-based biometric attendance system across its zones and divisions by

A. December 31, 2017
B. January 31, 2018
C. March 31, 2018
D. August 31, 2018

8. Which Indian golfer has won the 2017 Panasonic Open (India) Golf tournament?

A. Shiv Kapur
B. Karandeep Kochhar
C. Sudhir Sharma
D. Ajeetesh Sandhu

9. Which state government will organise village-level tourneys to curb drug menace?

A. Odisha
B. Punjab
C. Haryana
D. Uttar Pradesh

10. Indian Railways has recently launched the main arch of the world’s highest bridge on which river?

A. Ravi
B. Damodar
C. Sutlej
D. Chenab

11. The Indian army has launched a Joint Training Node in which state?

A. Tripura
B. Meghalaya
C. Karnataka
D. Sikkim

12. Name the Indian women golf player who recently (Nov-2017) won the Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies Open in Abu Dhabi?

A. Sharmila Nicollet
B. Aditi Ashok
C. Kavita Keerthi
D. Sujatha Rajput

13. Which investigative news source has released the ‘Paradise Papers’ which reveals the offshore activities of some of the world’s most powerful people and companies?

A. The Washington Post
B. Freedom
C. International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
D. Drone Papers

14. Which country hosted the 2017 World Youth Forum (WYF)?

A. Egypt
B. Australia
C. Israel
D. India

15. Mansur bin Muqrin who passed away on November 5, 2017 was the Prince of _______.

A. Kuwait
B. Oman
C. Saudi Arabia

16. According to NITI Aayog, India will be Poverty, Corruption, and Terrorism Free India by________.

A. 2022
B. 2023
C. 2018
D. 2024

17. Who has been named as the ambassador of AIBA Women’s Youth World Championships?

A. MC Mary Kom
B. Sarita Devi
C. E Thulasi
D. Vinita Kumari

18. Maris Kucinskis is the Prime Minister of which of the following countries?

A. Latvia
B. Romania
C. Eqypt
D. Spain

19. Charles Philip Arthur George is the Prince of which of the following countries?

A. Vatican City
B. Monaco
C. Brunei
D. Wales

20. Where did three-Day International Conference – ‘FIPSPHYSIOCON 2017’ held?

A. Lucknow
B. Jaipur
C. Delhi
D. Surat

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