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4 January 2018 Current Affairs

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Current Affairs 11 January 2018 – Headlines

  • An Earthquake of 7.6 magnitude hit the Carribean Sea. The Islands of Hondula were affected, with no casualties.
  • The World Bank predicts 7.3% Growth in the GDP of India for the year 2018. It also went ahead and praised the Government for the improvement.
  • Two ministers in Maharashtra can’t get enough! They are caught using more than one car for their purposes. The government allows only one vehicle for people’s representatives.
  • The UK banned the use of plastic microbeads in the cosmetics and personal care products. This is done in order to protect marine life, as a part of its environmental protection ordeals.
  • North Korea announced its willingness to participate in Olympics that are to be held in South Korea this year. It promised a no harm agreement during Olympics to South Korea.

Current Affairs Today – Current Affairs 11 January 2018

Government bans Plastic Flags

The Home Ministry issued an order to ban Plastic Flags. Those of you who have a habit of celebrating the Nation now need to be Environment conscious too. Otherwise, be prepared to land in jail.

Current Affairs Today

The government finally recognized that Nationalist sentiments must be in- line with the broader well being of the environment and the World. So, this Republic day, selling or buying plastic bags are banned. So inform your friends, neighbours, parents, organization, spouse etc., Or, you could simply share this article and they will know.

The CM of Karnataka slams Yogi Adityanath, the CM of UP

The Chief Ministers are setting a new record. No, not in making amazing new developments and competing against each other. I’m sure you guessed that by now.

Today's Current Affairs

Siddaramaiah, the Congress Chief Minister, slammed the BJP Chief Minister- Yogi Adityanath. He stated that he has nothing to learn from Yogi as the former “is a follower of Godse, running a ‘jungle raj’ in UP.” We wonder what made him pass these remarks!

No Burp is more irritating than this SBI circular

SBI outranked any other organization with its phenomenal creativity in controlling employees. After 71 years of Independence, India, as a Nation state is still trying to form its own identity, independent of its colonial past. While the Indian government tirelessly is working to take India towards a “glorified past”, a few organizations show no sign of using rational thought before they pass on ridiculous circulars.

Latest Current Affairs 2018

SBI is known for its employee benefits, however, a recent circular released to its employees asks them to stop burping as it is irritating. Burping, farting, yawning, sweating, excreting are a natural phenomenon that our biology can’t and must not control. This is no Art of Living class but is simply common sense. All organizations, whether public or private must keep in mind that human freedom and liberty must be respected. Clearly, SBI crossed a line here.

CM of Kerala steals funds from State Relief Fund for his helicopter trips

What do you think when you are paying taxes or donating for National/ State relief funds? The CM of Kerala Punarayi Vijayan doesn’t care about your emotions, by the way.

Daily Current Affairs

A few leaked documents prove that the office of the Kerala CM diverted money from State Relief Funds to fund his Helicopter trips. State relief funds are used in emergencies when disasters hit the country. In the absence of sufficient funds in the State, the National Disaster relief fund releases money to the state.

Why do you hate Dark Skin, Oh Patanjali!?

Dark skin is officially a Skin ailment. No, does not think so; Patanjali does. Patanjali Ltd., which has become a high- earning ayurvedic brand across the world. The brand rightfully faced outlash from masses when it created a video showing a girl feeling insecure and ugly due to her dark skin.

Current Affairs Today

The beauty industry doesn’t understand the class and caste biases that these advertisements imply. Prolonged sun exposure for generations causes excessive melanin creation in the skin. The classes that toiled hard under the sun might have darker skin compared to their higher caste counterparts due to the manner of the work they were subjected to for generations. This is a genetic trait and publicizing dark skin as an ugly trait is therefore wrong.

In a pamphlet that it released cataloging its products, Patanjali officially declared Dark skin as a skin ailment. The advertisement read: “Possesses the benefits of Wheat germ oil… … which are extremely beneficial for treating skin ailments like dry skin, dark complexion, and wrinkles.”

Cute Baby Olympics in order: Bahrain 

After reading lots of heavy News, this is a breath of fresh air for you. Bahrain announced that they will conduct Baby Olympics in April 2018.

January 2018 Current Affairs

Children, the age 2- 4 years are eligible to compete. Athletics, Gymnastics, Football, Weightlifting, and Basketball are the five disciplines for this year. The vision of these Baby Olympics is to create awareness among youngsters to practice a sport.

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