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GK Quiz 24 April 2018: GK Quiz today has given here. Take General Knowledge Quiz on Today’s Current Affairs to improve your GK skills. Today’s GK Questions and Answers that we provide are very accurate and updated. Aspirants who are preparing for Sarkari Naukri, Government Jobs or any other Job Interviews can practice Latest GK and Current Affairs Quiz on our site for free. You can get Daily General Knowledge Questions, Day to Day GK Questions here on this page. Aspirants can take Today’s GK Quiz on this page on latest current affairs.

We compile GK in Hindi also for the sake of candidates who search for the Hindi GK Quiz. This General Knowledge Quiz will help you crack any competitive exam with a good score and to beat the competition! Our team from All India Jobs covers almost all Latest GK Questions in GK Quiz Today. In below sections, candidates can find GK Quiz 24 April 2018 in Hindi. Every Day 20 GK Questions are given on this page. You can find GK Quiz 24 April 2018 correct answer at the end of the page.

GK Quiz 24 April 2018

Take General Knowledge Quiz 24 April 2018 to enhance your proficiency in Current Affairs. Our team prepares GK Questions on Latest Current Affairs. Practice GK in Hindi. This GK Quiz 24 April 2018 covers Latest News, International Affairs, National News of India, Sports, Business, etc. Individuals can visit our Current Affairs page to take a look at Current Affairs Today.

GK Quiz Today – GK Quiz 24 April 2018 – Current Affairs Quiz

1. Nora Chopra, who passed away recently, was related to which field?

A. Journalism
B. Sports
C. Politics
D. Science

Answer: A

2. What is the theme of the 2017 International Mother Earth Day (IMED)?

A. Trees for the Earth
B. Environmental and Climate Literacy
C. Earth and its ecosystems
D. Unite for tomorrow

Answer: B

3. Which of the following has become the the first re-insurer to set up base in financial hub Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City)?

A. ICICI Lombard General Insurance
B. The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.
C. National Insurance Co. Ltd.
D. General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC Re)

Answer: D

4. Who has won the award for the 2016 Men’s Player of the Year by the Golf Industry Association (GIA)?

A. Shiv Chawrasia
B. Ali Sher
C. Aakash Ohri
D. Anirban Lahiri

Answer: A

5. Which city hosted the first-ever India Indonesia Energy Forum (IIEF)?

A. New Delhi
B. Yogyakarta
C. Surabaya

Answer: D

6. India’s first-ever “village of books” will open in which state to promote tourism?

A. Punjab
B. Himachal Pradesh
C. Maharashtra
D. Tamil Nadu

Answer: C

7. The 2017 United Nations Oceans Conference will be held in which city?

A. Lisbon
B. Beijing
C. New York
D. Thimphu

Answer: C

8. Who has won the award for the 2016 Men’s Player of the Year by the Golf Industry Association (GIA)?

A. Shiv Chawrasia
B. Ali Sher
C. Aakash Ohri
D. Anirban Lahiri

Answer: A

9. Which state government has signed a MoU with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for agricultural transformation?

A. Mizoram
B. Odisha
C. Manipur
D. Assam

Answer: B

10. What is the theme of World’s Earth Day 2018?

A. Near the Nature
B. Save your Earth from plastic
C. Environmental and Climate Literacy
D. End Plastic Pollution

Answer: D

Hindi GK Quiz – GK Quiz 24 April 2018 – Latest GK Questions

11. हाल ही में समय के 100 सबसे प्रभावशाली लोगों को दिए गए लोगों में से कौन सा है?

A. दीपिका पादुकोण
B. सोनाली बेंद्रे
C. दिलीप मिश्रा
D. अनिल कपूर

Answer: A

12. हाल ही में 100 अरब डॉलर बाजार मूल्य के साथ पहली भारतीय कंपनी कौन सी है?

A. इन्फोसिस
B. विप्रो
C. टीटा परामर्श सेवाएं
D. कॉग्निजेंट

Answer: C

13. व्यापार को बढ़ावा देकर आर्थिक विकास के लिए जी 20 सहमत से कौन से केंद्रीय मंत्री और सीबीजी सहमत हैं?

A. अरुण जेटली
B. दिलीप मेनन
C. श्री प्रकाश जावड़ेकर
D. श्री नरेश अय्यर

Answer: A

14. 22 अप्रैल को कौन सा दिन मनाया जाता है?

A. वर्ल्ड हार्ट डे
B. वर्ल्ड अर्थ डे
C. वर्ल्ड एड्स डे
D. डॉल्ड डायबिटीज डे

Answer: B

15. किस योजना के अंतर्गत केंद्रीय मंत्रिमंडल स्थानीय निकायों को पुन: स्थापित करने के लिए?

A. राष्ट्रीय ग्राम स्वराज अभियान योजना
B. केन्द्रीय सरकार स्वास्थ्य योजना
C. ग्रामीण भंडारण योजना
D. ज्ञानानी सुरक्षा योजना

Answer: A

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