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GK Quiz 28 April 2018: GK Quiz today has given here. Take General Knowledge Quiz on Today’s Current Affairs to improve your GK skills. Today’s GK Questions and Answers that we provide are very accurate and updated. Aspirants who are preparing for Sarkari Naukri, Government Jobs or any other Job Interviews can practice Latest GK and Current Affairs Quiz on our site for free. You can get Daily General Knowledge Questions, Day to Day GK Questions here on this page. Aspirants can take Today’s GK Quiz on this page on latest current affairs.

We compile GK in Hindi also for the sake of candidates who search for the Hindi GK Quiz. This General Knowledge Quiz will help you crack any competitive exam with a good score and to beat the competition! Our team from All India Jobs covers almost all Latest GK Questions in GK Quiz Today. In below sections, candidates can find GK Quiz 28 April 2018 in Hindi. Every Day 20 GK Questions are given on this page. You can find GK Quiz 28 April 2018 correct answer at the end of the page.

GK Quiz 28 April 2018

Take General Knowledge Quiz 28 April 2018 to enhance your proficiency in Current Affairs. Our team prepares GK Questions on Latest Current Affairs. Practice GK in Hindi. This GK Quiz 28 April 2018 covers Latest News, International Affairs, National News of India, Sports, Business, etc. Individuals can visit our Current Affairs page to take a look at Current Affairs Today.

GK Quiz Today – GK Quiz 28 April 2018 – Current Affairs Quiz

1. What is the name of the India – Malaysia joint military exercise which will be held in Hulu Langat, Malaysia in May 2018?

A. Harimau- Shakthi
C. Malabar
D. Sahyog Kaijin

Answer: A

2. In UAE, where the solar gas station opened?

A. Abu Dubai
B. Dhabi
C. Oman
D. Ajman

Answer: B

3. As per a report published by Deloitte, India’s economic growth rate is projected at what rate?

A. 7.6%
B. 7.4%
C. 7.2%
D. 8.0%

Answer: C

4. Who was announced IOC member recently?

A. Rita Ambani
B. Anil Kapoor
C. Anu sharma
D. Kajal singh

Answer: A

5. Who among the following has recently taken over as the Senior Colonel Commandant of Army Medical Corps?

A. Bipin Rawat
B. Sunil Lanba
C. Bipin Puri
D. Birendar Singh Dhanoa

Answer: C

6. Which bank got Golden Peacock award?

A. Karnataka Bank
B. Yes Bank
C. Andhra Bank
D. Bank of Baroda

Answer: B

7. National Technology day is observed every year on which of the following days?

A. May 18
B. May 24
C. 11 May
D. May 09

Answer: C

8. Which policy e-SOT and e-PRAN card are two schemes introduced recently?

A. Atal pension Yojana
B. Swachh Bharat
C. Awas Yojana
D.Garib Kalyan Yojana

Answer: A

9. What is the rank of India in the recently released press freedom Index report published by reporters without borders?

A. 122nd
B. 101st
C. 166th
D. 138th

Answer: D

10. Which of the following courts in south India has become the first in the region to introduce e-court fee payment facility?

A. High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad
B. Madras High Court
C. Kerala High Court
D. Karnataka High Court

Answer: B

Hindi GK Quiz – GK Quiz 28 April 2018 – Latest GK Questions

11. यूडीएएन परिचय एयरफ्लोइट्स में सबसे कम हवाई किराया क्या है।

A. 1000
B. 500
C. 2500
D. 500

Answer: C

12. आरबीआई द्वारा कौन से सिक्के पेश किए जा रहे हैं?

A. 1, 2 रुपये
B. 5,10 रुपये
C. 50 पैसे
D. 25 पैसे

Answer: B

13. स्वच्छ मिशन चरण II में कितने नए स्थान जोड़े गए हैं?

A. 5
B. 10
C. 7
D. 4

Answer: B

14. महानिदेशक सीआरएफ प्रमुख के रूप में नियुक्त किया जाता है?

A. एमआर रामकृष्णन
B. एम. सैथीमोर्थी
C. एमआर राजीव राय भटनागर
D. श्रीपादक मिश्रा

Answer: C

15. गुजरात में मानद वाणिज्य दूतावास खोलने वाला पहला देश कौन सा देश है?

A. कानाडा
B. बेल्जियम
C. एनदरलैंड्स
D. स्विट्ज़रलैंड

Answer: B

16. 26 अप्रैल, 2017 को कौन सी सैटेलाइट यात्रा खत्म हो गई?

A. मंगलयान
B. कंधरा -2
C. आर्यभट्ट
D. कैसिनी

Answer: D

17. अग्नि IIi मिसाइल का कौन सा देश परीक्षण करता है

A. इंडिया
B. चाइना
C. पाकिस्तान
D. इरान

Answer: A

18. कौन सा देश 12 साल का लड़का फुटबॉल में भारत का प्रतिनिधित्व करेगा?

A. रुशिया
B. कानाडा
C. यूएसए
D. इंग्लैंड

Answer: A

19. 27 अप्रैल, 2007 को कौन सा प्रसिद्ध अभिनेता पारित हुआ

A. सुरेश कन्ना
B. विनोथ कन्ना
C. अनिल कपूर
D. विमल कपूर

Answer: B

20. मिस टीन यूनिवर्स 2017 के लिए किसने ताज पहनाया?

A. शक्ती श्री
B. श्रीमती कौर
C. तहहिरा जुंगु
D. सॅन जोस पालासिओ

Answer: B

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