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Current Affairs 27 December 2017

Current Affairs & GK Today | Hindi GK 2018

Are you tired of Searching for Current Affairs 2018 or सामान्य ज्ञान while preparing for Competitive Examinations? If yes, then you can check Latest Current Affairs here. We have seen many people searching endlessly for Current Affairs, Hindi GK, Today’s Current Affairs, Current Affairs Today, GK Quiz Questions, GK Current Affairs with Questions and Answers and Current Affairs in Hindi.

At All India Jobs, we are gathering Latest News to help Job Aspirants, trying to crack Competitive Examinations or laymen searching for high-quality General Knowledge. We update this page on a Daily Basis. So feel free to bookmark this page. Candidates who follow this day to day will get filtered सामान्य ज्ञान and Current Affairs Updates.

Current Affairs

Current Affairs & General Knowledge Quiz

Current Affairs & GK Quiz May 2018

 17.05.2018 Current Affairs 17th May 2018 GK Quiz 17th May 2018
 16.05.2018 Current Affairs 16th May 2018 GK Quiz 16th May 2018
 15.05.2018 Current Affairs 15th May 2018 GK Quiz 15th May 2018
 13.05.2018 Current Affairs 13th May 2018 GK Quiz 13th May 2018
 12.05.2018 Current Affairs 12th May 2018 GK Quiz 12th May 2018
 11.05.2018 GK Quiz 11th May 2018
 10.05.2018 GK Quiz 10th May 2018
 09.05.2018 GK Quiz 9th May 2018
 05.05.2018 GK Quiz 5th May 2018
 02.05.2018 GK Quiz 2nd May 2018

Current Affairs & GK Quiz April 2018

 28.04.2018  Current Affairs 28 April 2018 GK Quiz 28 April 2018 
 27.04.2018 Current Affairs 27 April 2018 
 26.04.2018 Current Affairs 26 April 2018  GK Quiz 26 April 2018 
 25.04.2018 Current Affairs 25 April 2018  GK Quiz 25 April 2018
 24.04.2018 Current Affairs 24th April 2018  GK Quiz 24th April 2018 
 22.04.2018 GK Quiz 22nd April 2018
 19.04.2018 GK Quiz 19th April 2018
 18.04.2018 Current Affairs 18th April 2018 GK Quiz 18th April 2018
 17.04.2018 Current Affairs 17th April 2018 GK Quiz 17th April 2018
 15.04.2018 Current Affairs 15th April 2018 GK Quiz 15th April 2018
 14.04.2018 Current Affairs 14th April 2018 GK Quiz 14th April 2018
 13.04.2018 Current Affairs 13th April 2018 GK Quiz 13th April 2018
 12.04.2018 Current Affairs 12th April 2018 GK Quiz 12th April 2018
 11.04.2018 Current Affairs 11th April 2018
 10.04.2018 Current Affairs 10th April 2018 GK Quiz 10th April 2018
 07.04.2018 Current Affairs 7th April 2018 GK Quiz 7th April 2018
 06.04.2018 Current Affairs 6th April 2018 GK Quiz 6th April 2018
 05.04.2018 Current Affairs 5th April 2018 GK Quiz 5th April 2018
 04.04.2018 Current Affairs 4th April 2018 GK Quiz 4th April 2018
 03.04.2018 GK Quiz 3rd April 2018
 01.04.2018 GK Quiz 1st April 2018

Current Affairs & GK Quiz March 2018

 31.03.2018 Current Affairs 31st March 2018 GK Quiz 31st March 2018
 30.03.2018 GK Quiz 30th March 2018
 29.03.2018 Current Affairs 29th March 2018 GK Quiz 29th March 2018
 28.03.2018 Current Affairs 28th March 2018 GK Quiz 28th March 2018
 27.03.2018 GK Quiz 27th March 2018
 25.03.2018 Current Affairs 25th March 2018 GK Quiz 25th March 2018
 24.03.2018 Current Affairs 24th March 2018 GK Quiz 24th March 2018
 23.03.2018 Current Affairs 23rd March 2018 GK Quiz 23rd March 2018
 22.03.2018 Current Affairs 22nd March 2018 GK Quiz 22nd March 2018
 21.03.2018 Current Affairs 21st March 2018 GK Quiz 21st March 2018
 17.03.2018 Current Affairs 17th March 2018 GK Quiz 17th March 2018
 16.03.2018 Current Affairs 16th March 2018 GK Quiz 16th March 2018
 15.03.2018 Current Affairs 15th March 2018  GK Quiz 15th March 2018
 14.03.2018 Current Affairs 14th March 2018  GK Quiz 14th March 2018
 13.03.2018  GK Quiz 13th March 2018
 11.03.2018 Current Affairs 11th March 2018  GK Quiz 11th March 2018
 10.03.2018 Current Affairs 10th March 2018  GK Quiz 10th March 2018
 09.03.2018 Current Affairs 9th March 2018  GK Quiz 9th March 2018
 08.03.2018 Current Affairs 8th March 2018  GK Quiz 8th March 2018
 07.03.2018 Current Affairs 7th March 2018  GK Quiz 7th March 2018
 06.03.2018 Current Affairs 6th March 2018  GK Quiz 6th March 2018
 04.03.2018 Current Affairs 4th March 2018  GK Quiz 4th March 2018
 03.03.2018 Current Affairs 3rd March 2018  GK Quiz 3rd March 2018
 02.03.2018 Current Affairs 2nd March 2018  GK Quiz 2nd March 2018
01.03.2018 Current Affairs 1st March 2018 GK Quiz 1st March 2018


Current Affairs & GK Quiz February 2018

28.02.2018 Current Affairs 28th February 2018 GK Quiz 28th February 2018
27.02.2018 Current Affairs 27th February 2018 GK Quiz 27th February 2018
25.02.2018 Current Affairs 25th February 2018 GK Quiz 25th February 2018
24.02.2018 Current Affairs 24th February 2018 GK Quiz 24th February 2018
23.02.2018 Current Affairs 23rd February 2018 GK Quiz 23d February 2018
22.02.2018 Current Affairs 22nd February 2018
21.02.2018 Current Affairs 21st February 2018 GK Quiz 21st February 2018
20.02.2018 Current Affairs 20th February 2018 GK Quiz 20th February 2018
18.02.2018 GK Quiz 18th February 2018
17.02.2018 GK Quiz 17th February 2018
16.02.2018 Current Affairs 16th February 2018 GK Quiz 16th February 2018
15.02.2018 Current Affairs 15th February 2018 GK Quiz 15th February 2018
14.02.2018 Current Affairs 14th February 2018 GK Quiz 14th February 2018
13.02.2018 Current Affairs 13th February 2018 GK Quiz 13th February 2018
10.02.2018 Current Affairs 10th February 2018 GK Quiz 10th February 2018
09.02.2018 Current Affairs 9th February 2018 GK Quiz 9th February 2018
08.02.2018 Current Affairs 8th February 2018 GK Quiz 8th February 2018
07.02.2018 Current Affairs 7th February 2018 GK Quiz 7th February 2018
06.02.2018 Current Affairs 6th February 2018 GK Quiz 6th February 2018
04.02.2018 Current Affairs 4th February 2018 GK Quiz 4th February 2018
03.02.2018 Current Affairs 3rd February 2018 GK Quiz 3rd February 2018
02.02.2018 Current Affairs 2nd February 2018 GK Quiz 2nd February 2018

Current Affairs & GK Quiz January 2018

31.01.2018 Current Affairs 31st January 2018 GK Quiz 31st January 2018
30.01.2018 Current Affairs 30th January 2018 GK Quiz 30th January 2018
28.01.2018 Current Affairs 28th January 2018 GK Quiz 28th January 2018
26.01.2018 Current Affairs 26th January 2018 GK Quiz 26th January 2018
25.01.2018 Current Affairs 25th January 2018 GK Quiz 25th January 2018
24.01.2018 Current Affairs 24th January 2018 GK Quiz 24th January 2018
23.01.2018 Current Affairs 23rd January 2018 GK Quiz 23rd January 2018
21.01.2018 Current Affairs 21st January 2018 GK Quiz 21st January 2018
20.01.2018 Current Affairs 20th January 2018 GK Quiz 20th January 2018
19.01.2018 Current Affairs 19th January 2018 GK Quiz 19th January 2018
18.01.2018 Current Affairs 18th January 2018 GK Quiz 18th January 2018
17.01.2018 Current Affairs 17th January 2018 GK Quiz 17th January 2018
14.01.2018 Current Affairs 14th January 2018 GK Quiz 14th January 2018
13.01.2018 Current Affairs 13th January 2018 GK Quiz 13th January 2018
12.01.2018 Current Affairs 12th January 2018 GK Quiz 12th January 2018
11.01.2018 Current Affairs 11th January 2018 GK Quiz 11th January 2018
10.01.2018 Current Affairs 10th January 2018 GK Quiz 10th January 2018
07.01.2018 Current Affairs 7th January 2018 GK Quiz 7th January 2018
06.01.2018 Current Affairs 6th January 2018 GK Quiz 6th January 2018
05.01.2018 Current Affairs 5th January 2018 GK Quiz 5th January 2018
04.01.2018 Current Affairs 4th January 2018 GK Quiz 4th January 2018
03.01.2018 Current Affairs 3rd January 2018 GK Quiz 3rd January 2018

Current Affairs & GK Quiz December 2017 

31.12.2017 Current Affairs 31st December 2017 GK Quiz 31st December 2017
30.12.2017 Current Affairs 30th December 2017 GK Quiz 30th December 2017
29.12.2017 Current Affairs 29th December 2017 GK Quiz 29th December 2017
28.12.2017 Current Affairs 28th December 2017 GK Quiz 28th December 2017
27.12.2017 Current Affairs 27th December 2017 GK Quiz 27th December 2017
24.12.2017 Current Affairs 24th December 2017 GK Quiz 24th December 2017
23.12.2017 Current Affairs 23rd December 2017 GK Quiz 23rd December 2017
22.12.2017 Current Affairs 22nd December 2017 GK Quiz 22nd December 2017
21.12.2017 Current Affairs 21st December 2017  –
20.12.2017 Current Affairs 20th December 2017 GK Quiz 20th December 2017
19.12.2017 Current Affairs 19th December 2017 GK Quiz 19th December 2017
17.12.2017 Current Affairs 17th December 2017 GK Quiz 17th December 2017
16.12.2017 Current Affairs 16th December 2017 GK Quiz 16th December 2017
15.12.2017 Current Affairs 15th December 2017 GK Quiz 15th December 2017
14.12.2017 Current Affairs 14th December 2017 GK Quiz 14th December 2017
13.12.2017 Current Affairs 13th December 2017 GK Quiz 13th December 2017

Current Affairs November 2017 सामान्य ज्ञान

Current Affairs Quiz November 2017

29.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 29th November 2017
28.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 28th November 2017
27.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 27th November 2017
25.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 25th November 2017
24.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 24th November 2017
23.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 23rd November 2017
22.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 22nd November 2017
21.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 21st November 2017
19.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 19th November 2017
18.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 18th November 2017
17.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 17th November 2017
16.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 16th November 2017
15.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 15th November 2017
14.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 14th November 2017
13.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 13th November 2017
11.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 11th November 2017
10.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 10th November 2017
09.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 9th November 2017
08.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 8th November 2017
07.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 7th November 2017
06.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 6th November 2017
04.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 4th November 2017
03.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 3rd November 2017
02.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 2nd November 2017
01.11.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 1st November 2017

Current Affairs Quiz October 2017

Current Affairs Quiz October Month 2017

30.10.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 30th October 2017
28.10.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 28th October 2017
27.10.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 27th October 2017
26.10.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 26th October 2017
25.10.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 25th October 2017
24.10.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 24th October 2017
23.10.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 23rd October 2017
21.10.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 21st October 2017
20.10.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 20th October 2017
17.10.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 17th October 2017
13.10.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 13th October 2017
12.10.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 12th October 2017
11.10.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 11th October 2017
10.10.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 10th October 2017
07.10.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 7th October 2017
06.10.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 6th October 2017
05.10.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 5th October 2017
04.10.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 4th October 2017
03.10.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 3rd October 2017
02.10.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 2nd October 2017

Current Affairs Quiz September 2017

Current Affairs Quiz September 2017

29.09.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 29th October 2017
25.09.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 25th October 2017
23.09.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 23rd October 2017
20.09.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 20th October 2017
19.09.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 19th October 2017
18.09.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 18th October 2017
16.09.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 24th October 2017
15.09.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 24th October 2017
14.09.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 24th October 2017
13.09.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 13th October 2017
12.09.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 12th October 2017
11.09.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 11th October 2017
09.09.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 9th October 2017
08.09.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 8th October 2017
07.09.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 7th October 2017
06.09.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 6th October 2017
05.09.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 5th October 2017
04.09.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 4th October 2017
02.09.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 2nd October 2017
01.09.2017 Current Affairs Quiz 1st October 2017

Current Affairs Quiz August 2017

सामान्य ज्ञान July 2017 Current Affairs

While Recruiting these days most of the Organizations are testing the General Knowledge of the Candidates. So most Contenders are primarily preparing and spending time on gathering information to go through Current Affairs.

Many of the Organizations like IBPS, Regional Rural Banks, Railway Recruitment Boards, Public Service Commissions, Union Service Commissions and other Private and Government Boards are mainly preparing their Recruitment Pattern by asking questions about General Knowledge and Current Affairs.

So it became a must for Candidates who are preparing for Jobs to have a General knowledge of the Current Affairs. Check below to get a detailed overview of the kind of information you can find on our Current Affairs and GK page.

Current Affairs 2018 Questions and Answers

We all know that most of the Organizations/Boards are conducting their primary rounds of interviews based on Current Affairs. To go further into the Recruitment Process, candidates have to clear initial Rounds which will be possible only if they have knowledge of Current Affairs.

Aspirants will get a grip of the Daily Current Affairs only if they follow them regularly. Current Affairs Today have become largely polluted across the internet. It is hard to find genuine sites which give quality content.  So to search and gather Current Affairs Daily will be a tough task.

In such cases you can count on All India Jobs to rescue you. At the end of the Day, the Subscribers of our site can get high-quality Current Affairs because we accumulate them all here in a single place. You can sift through dates and select whatever you want. We are currently providing both Current Affairs and GK Today. To know more about Daily Current Affairs check this post completely.

In this page, we gathered Daily Current Affairs related to the Topics that are being generally asked by most Job providers. Here we wrote about the Topics that most candidates are looking for.

National Current Affairs, State Current Affairs, International News, Business, Economy & Banking Current Affairs, Science & Technology, Environment Current Affairs, Bills and Acts, Defence Current Affairs, Persons in News, Places in News, Awards & Honours, Sports Current Affairs, Art & Culture in Current Affairs and Government Schemes are some of the Topics most people are looking for. While writing the article each day about Daily Current Affairs, we also write General Knowledge Quiz to help our readers brush their Current Affairs skill.

Current Affairs

National Current Affairs

National Current Affairs comprises Day to day information about the Nation. We are trying to get all the important details that are released by the National Government. Topics include Tie-ups, National Missions, Important dates related to the Nation, Importance of each day, Product Launching, Sports related, Stock exchanges, Political Information and Much More. For every citizen, it is important to know what is happening around the Country. And simply by reading our article which we update every day, people can get Knowledge about the Nation.

State Current Affairs

There are 31 States and 7 Union Territories in India. Searching for News in every state will be a mammoth task. But in our articles we are going to include all major News of each state, so that candidates can get Daily Current Affairs of each and every State and Union Territory. Generally, Current Affairs of States include the important updates of that day, Launches, Political News, Sports News, Science and Technology, Agricultural and other related information.

International Affairs

Another important Module we are adding to the Current Affairs 2018 Questions and Answers is International Affairs. Along with National Current Affairs, it is important to know about other Nations too. Adding this section to your Daily Dose Current Affairs, can help you know what is happening around the World. In Case of International Affairs, we will only include very important details based on priority of that particular day, Sports information, Tie-ups, National Awards, Inventions, Discoveries and other more data.

Government Schemes

By following our articles, about Daily Current Affairs Candidates also get familiar with the New Government Schemes that are being released by the Government of India in association with State Governments. Because, if a candidate attends the Recruitment of any Government Organization they might try to test the General Awareness of the Contenders about the Schemes and Launches that are introduced by the Government for the welfare of people. It is every citizen’s duty to know about the Schemes that are announced by the Government of India so that they can be benefitted.

Business, Economy & Banking Current Affairs

Knowing Latest Updates about Business and Economy Current Affairs will be beneficial because, as a developing country we will find many new interesting things that may motivate us and that will be useful for us in a positive manner. Knowing Business, Economy & Banking Current Affairs is important for everyone but especially Job Seekrs. Because your employers are keen on these topics. But most of us are unaware of these benefits. At the time of gathering Daily Current Affairs, we will also give a glimpse of Business, Economy, and Banking Related Current Affairs which is very essential.

Sports Current Affairs

Most young people show extreme enthusiasm in reading Sports Related Current Affairs on our site. It is important to be on the top of your game with Sports related Current Affairs because even the person taking your interview could be a sports fanatic. In our nation, we give equal priority to knowing News about sports along with all others. This is evident in all Newspapers dedicating important page space to Sports columns

All India Jobs makes it a point to gather information that has a good use for you. We exhibit same vigour with all our endeavours. So, we provide you genuine, clear content. We are trying to gather and provide as unique information as possible.

Data on this page is updated regularly for reference’s sake. It will save you the struggle of searching for Latest Current Affair Updates in the weeks before you walk into that Job Exam or Interview.

You must have bookmarked our page by now. If you didn’t, you should! We promise to deliver the Best Current Affairs and GK. We try to make our content as interesting and as engaging as possible. So that you won’t get bored to death reading GK Today!

Most of you requested to provide सामान्य ज्ञान or, GK in Hindi. So, we obliged to your appeals. Our team now gathers and writes GK Quiz in Hindi. So, we take feedback very seriously. Comment and let us know what else you expect from All India Jobs.  Tell us if any of the links are not working.

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