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Goa Results

Goa Results:

Recruitment Notification Highlights

 Type of Exam         Exam  Results Exam Conducting Authority       
GCET  GCET Result 2017 Directorate of Technical Education Board
GOA TET Goa TET Result 2017 Goa Board of School and Higher Secondary Education
GOA DTE Goa Diploma Results in 2017 Directorate of Technical Education Board
 NEET NEET Results in 2017 Central Board Of Secondary Education
 JEE MAINS JEE Mains Results in 2017 Central Board Of Secondary Education

About Goa:

Goa is a state in India within the coastal region known as the Konkan in western India. Bounded by Maharashtra to the north and Karnataka to the east and south, the Arabian Sea forms its western coast. It is India’s smallest state by area and the fourth smallest by population. Goa is India’s richest state with a GDP per capita two and a half times that of the country. It was ranked the best placed state by the Eleventh Finance Commission for its infrastructure and ranked on top for the best quality of life in India by the National Commission on Population based on the 12 Indicators.

Panaji is the state’s capital, while Vasco da Gama is its largest city. The historic city of Margao still exhibits the cultural influence of the Portuguese, who first landed in the early 16th century as merchants and conquered it soon thereafter. Goa is a former Portuguese province; the Portuguese overseas territory of Portuguese India existed for about 450 years until it was annexed by India in 1961. Goa is visited by large numbers of international and domestic tourists each year for its beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture. It has rich flora and fauna, owing to its location on the Western Ghats range, a biodiversity hotspot.

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